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A Design-Build Remodeling Approach Reflecting YOU !

A successful project begins with our potential customer as the integral and most important member of ‘The Team’. The best kitchen and bath designs are born from this initial consultation and incorporate your desired goals and wishes along with our professional recommendations, catering to your style and needs. With this ‘vision’ of what you desire, we then can begin a rendering and concept that fits into the budget and available space. Many times, a good beginning approach is not to ‘over design’ but to keep the layouts simple while still offering the desired improvement of style and function. However, an upgraded design incorporating custom cabinetry, counter tops, moldings and surrounding room elements are value added improvements - a welcome challenge and always fun to build.  

We will coordinate all of the details, and guide customers through each step of the process. Getting to the stage where remodeling can actually begin can sometimes involve more time than actual construction depending on your availability, the amount of revisions that may or may not be necessary, and the flow of ‘Team’ input and communications. However minimal or detailed, a successful project largely entails thorough coordination of design and product details. Our on and off-site management will ensure your project runs smoothly and is completed in a timely fashion. Joe Bartell  Fine Remodeling is driven to perform for your investment.

Our ultimate goal is for you to be completely satisfied with the final kitchen or bath project, exceeding your expectations of service, quality and design. Investing in proper planning minimizes the event of "wishing we had done this differently". We want your new space to never go out of style. Serving you and earning your business then truly becomes 'our pleasure'.

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