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Joe Bartell has lived in the Ocean City/Fenwick Island area since 1993 and completed many kitchen, bath and remodeling projects since that time. Integrity is our guiding philosophy. We take a comprehensive and professional approach to performance by providing value, fair pricing, quality workmanship, service and dependability. Our commitment is to put forth a consistent effort to protect your investment and accommodate your best interest.

Many years ago, a simple but profound and opportunistic experience changed the purpose and course of how I wanted to conduct business.   I was given a lead and contacted a potential customer who were about to remodel their kitchen after months of planning. They informed me  through a phone call that they had made a decision to move forward with a contractor.


The next day, I decided to call them again and offer a free, no obligation consultation and if asked if they would allow me that opportunity to take a look at what they were planning to do. When they agreed, I decided to meet them NOT expecting the business, but to serve first and offer personal recommendations developed through years of design and construction experience. From the initial introductions, our ‘chemistry’ was evident and it was a great pleasure to spend the remainder of the day touring a couple of our projects. They appreciated the fresh and more functional design ideas. That late afternoon while talking in the parking lot, this wonderful couple ( who are now true friends ) stated that they wanted me to do the project.  The resulting trust was a gift that I will always value as a milestone lesson, not just in business but in listening, serving and appreciating people as being first and foremost the essence of building great relationships.- BUILT ON INTEGRITY.


On a Personal Note…..


When not in the production field with his co-workers, Joe resides and works from his studio in Bishopville, MD, where he designed and built his home.  As a 25+ year resident at the beach, Joe values the previous experience gained from working in the commercial building and real estate investment field around the Washington DC area. Through work experience, living and being active in this beautiful ocean environment,  Joe's passion is to create beautiful projects, small or large, and serve each customer with focused attention and detail. Pursuing a lifestyle of faith and integrity is a driving force behind the mission to pursue successful and lasting client relationships.  

When not working, Joe also enjoys spending time with friends, family and daughter Carly, surfing, reading and photography.

A statement of appreciation from Joe:

" I am especially thankful to the many people that have contributed to the success of Kitchenscapes LLC over the years. Nick's precise workmanship and positive attitude have enhanced our abilities to deliver 'fine' work whether it be for a Builder or homeowner. We are fortunate to have great customers and Builders that place their trust and allow us the opportunity to perform their work. They appreciate our efforts and in turn this gives us even more incentive to satisfy and produce a successful project giving priority to the details. There are several subcontractor's and suppliers that partner with us and each have responded with a dedication to bring quality products and fine workmanship to each customer. These are the folks behind the scene that bring tangible as well as intangible value to what we strive to do."

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